Przejdź do treści

“The Islamic Foundation for Education and Integration was established in response to the growing needs of the Muslim community in Poland in terms of education and integration of children and youth while preserving their Muslim identity.

 The goals of the Foundation are as follows: 
1. Activities aimed at establishing and operating an education and integration center, including a kindergarten, school, and cultural center. 
2. Support for children and youth in the process of education and learning at the preschool and school levels, including scholarships for exceptionally talented students and international exchange programs for youth, students, and pupils.
3. Activities related to supporting the study and recitation of the Quran and the Arabic language. 
4. Initiating and conducting various forms of cultural, educational, social, and religious activities in cooperation with governmental and local government organizations at the national and international levels, promoting and supporting volunteerism and other forms of social engagement.
 5. Supporting social integration in Poland, including the integration and adaptation of Muslims who have chosen the Republic of Poland as their permanent or temporary place of residence.
6. Charitable activities for individuals in need and in difficult life situations. 

We achieve our goals through:
 • Construction of the Education and Integration Center 
• Muslim Family Congress
 • Until the Education and Integration Center is opened, we collaborate with educational institutions to provide financial support to children and youth from Muslim families in the process of education and learning at the preschool and school levels.

Foundation Board

  • dr. Abdulbased Naser – CEO
  • dr. Sami Jarrah – Board Member
  • dr Ahmad Alattal – Board Member / School Dirctor